After my clients have had a week of real food, my next step is to peel back the carbs.

Almost everyone I see is over-consuming carbohydrates.

I tell my clients that carbohydrates are something that should be earned. You earn more carbohydrates by being lean, by being active, or by eating a lower carbohydrate meal plan for the majority of the week.

(Just to be clear, vegetables are mainly carbohydrate and I like lots and lots of vegetables.)

On the list from week one there is a high carb/starch list, and my recommendation is to  limit those foods in your diet, meaning only about 20-30g worth each day.

To effectively lose body fat and slow down the aging process, we need to regulate our insulin levels. Insulin is released when blood sugar levels are elevated, and high-carb meals can elevate blood sugar levels. Elevated blood sugar levels for an extended period of time can be hard on the body, so decreasing carbohydrate intake is important for longevity and overall health.