Protein… more than just building muscles.

Most of us are familiar with the story of the three little pigs?

If this one missed your nighttime routines as a kid, I’ll give you a brief summary:

The three little pigs who are the subject of the title were being targeted by a very tricky wolf.

So each of these pigs decided their safest bet was to split up and build themselves three separate homes to protect themselves.

One little pig built his home out of straw. Not the most sturdy structure so the wolf came and blew it away.

The second little pig built his home out of sticks and again this material was not a strong enough defense.

This third little pig however built his home out of brick. A strong building block and when the wolf came to blow it away, the house wouldn’t budge and the three pigs were safe.

When trying to build healthy nutritional habits into our lifestyle it’s important that we think like that third little architect.

We have to have a strong foundational tool to defend our bodies from threats.

Protein is one of the most instrumental tools in facilitating key functions in your body and for creating a strong satiating diet.

Muscle tissue, cartilage, skin, and bone are all created within the body by the building blocks of protein.

In addition to the physical benefits, certain proteins contains amino acids like tyrosine and tryptophan which promotes certain neurotransmitter production. 

Meaning that eating more protein can make you have more drive, be able to concentrate better, give you the ability to be more calm and feel more happy.

Not only is your mood improved but the additional amino acids; arginine and glutamine which can be found in certain proteins provide important immune support for your body.

Each PureFit meal packs on average 30g of protein.

That high protein content gives you a solid base to protect the work of all your healthy lifestyle choices.

It is also important in fueling energy to complete each task in your day. Protein is key in your body’s completion of the krebs cycle which creates energy for all your activities.

A higher protein content in each of your meals will produce a longer lasting feeling of fullness.

When choosing the materials to build a strong and healthy body, the place that you live; it is important that you choose a material that gives you the right tools.

To optimize the multiple benefits that protein will give you, I would recommend that you partition your protein out throughout the day.

That way all of the benefits of this important macronutrient are cycling through your system at a consistent rate.

Those tools to build a strong foundation to defend your body from disease, produce a feeling of satiety and comfort, and create a longer lasting healthier you.

Choosing PureFit meals means choosing a meal that you know is guaranteed to provide a tool that is vital  for your bodies high performance.

Be an architect. Your body is the one home you can’t move out of. Give it the materials it needs to thrive and stand strong. Choose PureFit meals and choose a healthy body.

What’s your time worth?


Every minute in each day is a negotiation with yourself. What’s the most valuable way to spend my time?

Time is something we all have the same amount of. The differences in our lives come from how we choose to spend it. Something you can’t avoid is taking time to fuel your body. Proper fuel allows you to do all other daily tasks more efficiently. Making this choice can mean a sacrifice in another area of our life. And remember, we only have so much time to use. Studies have concluded that a person spends an average of one hour per day prepping, cooking, and cleaning up. Times that by seven days in a week and we are looking at 7 hours lost to food. During that week you also had to shop for groceries. The average time spent in a grocery store shopping for a week’s worth of food is 45 minutes. Given typical traffic, you can estimate 30 minutes of driving time. Over the course of a week just in meal time related activities you have lost somewhere between 7-10 hours. To continue being productive in other areas, we can’t just stop eating to gain that time back.

Let’s get a little more efficient.

Say we are going to choose to spend time on the weekend prepping our food for the week. If I choose to instead cook 15 meals on Sunday and then go the extra step to portion them out appropriately. I may cut my cooking, prepping, and cleanup time to about 5 hours for the week. Then if I average my time spent going to the store; shopping and commuting to one hour, we are at 6 hours spent in food prep. Depending on which of these routes you take and how efficient you can be with your time spent we are still looking at 6-10 total hours per week lost to the creation of food.

Now let’s look at cost.

On average a meal that you shopped for and prepared yourself costs you around $5. For 3 meals a day over the course of 7 days you are spending $105 a week to feed yourself. But what amount did I really lose when I factor in time? If I could supplement my week with just one meal a day that I knew would be high quality and have virtually zero time spent in a grocery store, preparing or cleaning up I could cut the amount of time I spend on food in half. I could gain back 3-5 hours every week. What is that time valued at for you? For those who are entrepreneurs, work in sales, or are otherwise employed in a time intensive career those hours lost each week could equate to a large loss in productivity and profit.

Let’s look at how we could save time.

By spending just over $50 to get five PureFit meals for the week and use them as lunch you could gain another five hours of work time productivity. If you make over $10 an hour; the time you’ve gained has created a more profitable situation for you then spending that time on food. By supplementing your week with the help of PureFit. You’ve optimized the efficiency of staying properly fueled with high quality foods and utilizing your time to gain a maximum benefit.

So again I ask you, what is your time worth?

Let PureFit give back to you. Give back your time, and give back your freedom to determine what is most valuable to you. Grab a meal today and enjoy your extra hour.

Eating Intentionally

A lot of people come to me frustrated and discouraged. They’ve been making better choices, eating less and exercising more, but they still aren’t losing weight.

Eating less, though, isn’t necessarily the trick.

A protein bar may seem like a better option than cookies, but some protein bars have just as much sugar.

The trick is eating intentionally.

One of the first steps I take when getting my clients on the path to proper nutrition is having them track their food in MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal allows them input their food’s nutritional information and see how it compares to their daily goals. It seems really simple, but there is something really powerful about seeing what you’re eating.

It’s amazing how surprised people are when they see exactly how much sugar is in that protein bar.

After my clients have a grasp on what types of food they should be eating I help them make a nutrition plan outlining how much fat, protein and carbs to have each day.

But I’m just the guide.

The clients who are most successful are the ones who use MyFitnessPal like a map to navigate their daily meals. What I mean by that is they make their food in advance and put all their meal’s nutritional information into MyFitnessPal either the day before or the morning of.

This is one of the most difficult lifestyle changes to make because being proactive about food preparation can be time consuming. A lot of my clients are busy professionals and put their health on the back burner for the sake of family time.

That’s why I started Purefit Meals. Purefit Meals takes the guess work out of food prep by delivering healthy, fresh meals to your front door. It also allows my clients to get the results they want without sacrificing time with their families.

Finding a system that works best for my clients is key, whether that be Purefit Meals or allocating a certain day each week to prepare their food.

The goal is to get them to a place where they know what’s in the food they’re eating so they can take proactive steps to intentionally eat the right food and live leaner, healthier and happier lives.

If you’re having trouble making your meal map, give Columbia Strength and Conditioning a call. We have the trainers and expertise to guide you towards your fitness goals.

What Can 12 Weeks of Eating Right Do For You?

Before and After - Front 
Steven Stuckenschneider
Age: 35
Occupation: Director of Tennis for Mizzou 

Stephen Stuckenschneider grew up playing tennis, which evolved into a constant theme throughout his life. After a short stint in Florida, he ended up close to his home town of Mexico, Missouri as the Director of Tennis for Mizzou. “I knew I wanted to make a career out of tennis,” reflected Stuckenschneider, and while leading an active lifestyle and looking for a change, Stephen was referred to Columbia Strength and Conditioning in Columbia, Missouri by a friend.



Why did you decided to change your health?

It was December 30, 2014 when I first walked into Columbia Strength and Conditioning, and with no experience as a gym member or even a trainer, I have to admit I was a little intimidated. 

I came to a point in my life where the tactics I’d taught myself to manage my life stress in my 20’s wasn’t working for me in my 30’s.

Life just seemed to keep adding on challenges, and I needed a change. For me, I was already leading an active lifestyle with my job, playing tennis about 8 hours a week, and running. I knew I needed to get my nutrition in check. I didn’t arrive that day with a goal to lose weight or with any goal in mind, really. What I found here at Columbia Strength and Conditioning after 3 months was more than I anticipated.  

Starting out is always the hardest. How did your fitness and health routine start and change? 

My biggest challenge was my nutrition. I would eat like a bird all day and then by the time I got home, I would order out or pick something convenient to eat because I hadn’t been to the grocery store. I had an “awakening experience” about what I was eating. I logged…and still do…all my food choices each day into My Fitness Pal and Scott Schutte began working with me on my nutrition. 

Because my work week is 7 days a week with long hours each day, I needed something that was convenient and easy.

I started with Pure Fit meals before training with Scott and felt it was a custom solution for me. The biggest change for me was realizing I needed to plan my food choices. I also started training with Scott Schutte twice per week and got to know the other trainers. I watched what they did, what they ate, and just followed the plan. 

How’s the plan working for you now?

At this point in my life, I have such a good energy. I have my stress in check and better nutrition has led to feeling better, sleeping better, resulting in an overall increase in my health and wellness. My new lifestyle is something that I’ve been very consistent with and I plan to keep it that way for a long time. 

I have more confidence and all my closest friends and family have noticed the positive change.

Even my neighbors are running out in the street jogging along side of me wanting to know what I’m doing!


So what’s next for you?

I don’t want to regress. I feel so great that I want to stay disciplined with what’s working in my life. I just need to make sure to find a healthy balance, which is tough for an extreme guy like me.


Click here to see what eating right can do for you!

PureFit Meals eating real food video

Video: Real Food Means Real Results

I see anywhere from 30-50 people a week who are trying to improve health, lose weight, and/or improve fitness. Most people I see are starving themselves from proper nutrients and overeating worthless calories, which are foods and drinks that have calories but no nutritional benefit (soda, for example).

With every single one of these individuals, I start with a basic nutritional intervention. This nutritional overhaul centers around a real food list (pictured below).

PureFit Meals Columbia Strength and Conditioning Food List


All of the foods listed are single-ingredient, “found in nature” foods. The advantage of these foods is that they are very nutrient-dense and, for the most part, not very calorically dense. For example: if you ate a bag of potato chips, it would take 6 lbs of chicken, 3 tbsp of real butter, and 10 cups of broccoli to eat that same amount of calories. More importantly, you get the right nutrients from the latter so you can fuel the body to run efficiently.

Introducing people to real food — no counting calories, nothing fancy — produces great changes in people. Just real food.

One week of clients eating real food and I can see fat loss, improved mood, and better digestion.

My disclaimer: It is extremely rare for clients to come back after one week of real foods and say that they did it 100%. This is a big change for many people and a process that might take a few weeks to get it down.


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When I recommend cutting bread from their diet, I hear the same thing time and time again from my clients:

“I didn’t have any carbs all week!”

It amazes me how many people think carbohydrates are just bread!

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My Top 2 Rules For Success

Being happy with what you have is a state of mind, and a rare one at that. Try to appreciate all the things we take for granted on a daily basis — the ability to walk, the ability to eat, the freedom to live our lives, having a roof over your head, etc.

Rule #1: Be happy with what you have.

Can things be better? Sure. And I’ll get to that in rule #2. But have you thought about how it could be worse? For everyone who is skinnier, healthier or richer than you, there are many more who are on the other end of the spectrum. Appreciate what you have, and you’ll find life is more enjoyable.

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