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What I Eat In A Day – Krysta Arnold

Krysta Arnold, 34, is a Physician Assistant at the University of Missouri Emergency Room. Her intense and fast-paced career demands a focus on wellness and a healthy lifestyle. BREAKFAST Usually breakfast consists of a protein shake and protein bar. I also like eggs with lean meat or plain greek yogurt mixed with protein powder and […]

Energy & Earned Carbohydrates

For most, to define the word valuable is simple. We have an understanding of this word because we have encountered multiple things in our lives that we instantly or grew to value. The dictionary defines valuable for us as “a thing that is of great worth.” Where value tends to get more complex in our […]

What I Eat In A Day – Amy Lee

Amy Lee, 38, is a busy mom of four who is always on the go with her family and committed to an active and healthy lifestyle. She is a Health & Wellness Coach in Jefferson City, Missouri. BREAKFAST A protein shake is my go-to breakfast option, with a little fruit and nut butter. When time […]

Protein… more than just building muscles.

Most of us are familiar with the story of the three little pigs? If this one missed your nighttime routines as a kid, I’ll give you a brief summary: The three little pigs who are the subject of the title were being targeted by a very tricky wolf. So each of these pigs decided their […]

What’s your time worth?

  Every minute in each day is a negotiation with yourself. What’s the most valuable way to spend my time? Time is something we all have the same amount of. The differences in our lives come from how we choose to spend it. Something you can’t avoid is taking time to fuel your body. Proper fuel allows […]

Eating Intentionally

A lot of people come to me frustrated and discouraged. They’ve been making better choices, eating less and exercising more, but they still aren’t losing weight. Eating less, though, isn’t necessarily the trick. A protein bar may seem like a better option than cookies, but some protein bars have just as much sugar. The trick […]

What Can 12 Weeks of Eating Right Do For You?

  Steven Stuckenschneider Age: 35 Occupation: Director of Tennis for Mizzou  Stephen Stuckenschneider grew up playing tennis, which evolved into a constant theme throughout his life. After a short stint in Florida, he ended up close to his home town of Mexico, Missouri as the Director of Tennis for Mizzou. “I knew I wanted to […]

Video: Real Food Means Real Results

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMoOzhnIHVQ I see anywhere from 30-50 people a week who are trying to improve health, lose weight, and/or improve fitness. Most people I see are starving themselves from proper nutrients and overeating worthless calories, which are foods and drinks that have calories but no nutritional benefit (soda, for example). With every single one of these […]