3 Reasons to Incorporate Elk & Bison Into Your Diet

IMG_2750Getting tired of the traditional proteins? Try mixing it up with our elk and bison options. While traditional meats can offer plenty of protein and essential vitamins, elk and bison pack a huge punch that can take your diet to the next level. There are three reasons why you should try elk and bison.


All the protein, plus the vitamins.

While traditional meats like chicken and beef contain plenty of protein to go around, they don’t always replace those essential vitamins and minerals one can lose during the day. Elk and bison refill your vitamins lost and then some. Elk includes over 100% of your recommended dose of vitamin B-12, plus 15% of iron. While bison meat offers the same in protein, it adds niacin, the vitamin that plays a large role in energy building and fat breakdown. In short, not only do you get the protein, you get the vitamins your body craves.


Food Fatigue

Eating the same type of meat and veggie combinations can not only get old, but it can also lead to a halt in energy production, detoxification, neurotransmitter production and other deficiencies. Eating just a small range of food sources causes the body to lose out on essential vitamins and minerals. This can be avoided by mixing up your diet with new and healthy foods. Like elk and bison!


Surprising Taste

Elk and bison can get a bad rap of being “too gamey or tough,” but it’s all in the preparation. Our menu features not only the healthiest and freshly produced meats, but features these exotic meats in a fun and interesting way. Check out our elk Swedish meatballs or the bison stuffed peppers, expertly prepared by Bleu Events chefs, delivered to your doorstep or available for pick up at Grindstone GNC.


In short, whether you’re a longtime lover of elk or bison, or simply want to try something new – give our PureFit options a try. At only 10.50 per meal ($12.50 for extra protein) and delivery available, there’s nothing to lose.