What Can 12 Weeks of Eating Right Do For You?

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Steven Stuckenschneider
Age: 35
Occupation: Director of Tennis for Mizzou 

Stephen Stuckenschneider grew up playing tennis, which evolved into a constant theme throughout his life. After a short stint in Florida, he ended up close to his home town of Mexico, Missouri as the Director of Tennis for Mizzou. “I knew I wanted to make a career out of tennis,” reflected Stuckenschneider, and while leading an active lifestyle and looking for a change, Stephen was referred to Columbia Strength and Conditioning in Columbia, Missouri by a friend.



Why did you decided to change your health?

It was December 30, 2014 when I first walked into Columbia Strength and Conditioning, and with no experience as a gym member or even a trainer, I have to admit I was a little intimidated. 

I came to a point in my life where the tactics I’d taught myself to manage my life stress in my 20’s wasn’t working for me in my 30’s.

Life just seemed to keep adding on challenges, and I needed a change. For me, I was already leading an active lifestyle with my job, playing tennis about 8 hours a week, and running. I knew I needed to get my nutrition in check. I didn’t arrive that day with a goal to lose weight or with any goal in mind, really. What I found here at Columbia Strength and Conditioning after 3 months was more than I anticipated.  

Starting out is always the hardest. How did your fitness and health routine start and change? 

My biggest challenge was my nutrition. I would eat like a bird all day and then by the time I got home, I would order out or pick something convenient to eat because I hadn’t been to the grocery store. I had an “awakening experience” about what I was eating. I logged…and still do…all my food choices each day into My Fitness Pal and Scott Schutte began working with me on my nutrition. 

Because my work week is 7 days a week with long hours each day, I needed something that was convenient and easy.

I started with Pure Fit meals before training with Scott and felt it was a custom solution for me. The biggest change for me was realizing I needed to plan my food choices. I also started training with Scott Schutte twice per week and got to know the other trainers. I watched what they did, what they ate, and just followed the plan. 

How’s the plan working for you now?

At this point in my life, I have such a good energy. I have my stress in check and better nutrition has led to feeling better, sleeping better, resulting in an overall increase in my health and wellness. My new lifestyle is something that I’ve been very consistent with and I plan to keep it that way for a long time. 

I have more confidence and all my closest friends and family have noticed the positive change.

Even my neighbors are running out in the street jogging along side of me wanting to know what I’m doing!


So what’s next for you?

I don’t want to regress. I feel so great that I want to stay disciplined with what’s working in my life. I just need to make sure to find a healthy balance, which is tough for an extreme guy like me.


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