How to Trim Off the Fat PureFit Meals

How to Trim Off the Fat

Fast-forward to January 1st.

The gym is overflowing with new members trying to keep their New Year’s resolution to finally lose those extra pounds. But working out without eating right leads to failed resolutions — and it could be a complete waste of your time.

I’ve seen clients work out 5 times a week for a month straight and not lose a single pound of fat. I’ve also seen the same person lose 5 pounds of fat in one week without working out once — that’s how important it is to eat right.

Here’s how to lose the fat for good:

1.    Set an action plan for the week. I like to start clients off with one week of single ingredient (a.k.a. real) food.
2.    Shop and prepare food for the week. This can be done on a nightly basis or all in one day.
3.    Be active. This can be as simple as a 20-minute walk in the evening.

Step #2 is the reason I started PureFit Meals. The majority of people don’t know how to prepare quality meals or don’t have enough time to do so. However, consistently eating quality meals is the most effective way to lose fat and improve overall health. Without that consistency, losing fat will be a long, uphill battle.
Don’t get me wrong — strength and cardiovascular training are very beneficial for fat loss, but food comes first. Eat right, and do it consistently, to get the results you’re really looking for.

To your health,
Scott Schutte

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